Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II dan Nama Kementerian dalam Bahasa Inggris

Reshuffle baru saja dilakukan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono kemarin (18/10). Di sini saya tidak mau berkomentar banyak soal reshuffle. Saya akan membantu rekan-rekan yang mencari siapa-siapa menteri saat ini, ditambah dengan nama kementeriannya dalam Bahasa Inggris yang telah disepadankan dengan yang dikenal secara internasional.

The Executive Branch
The United Indonesia Cabinet II (Commences 20 October 2009, as reshuffled 18 October 2011)

Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO, President
BOEDIONO, Vice President
Hatta RAJASA, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
Agung LAKSONO, Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare
Djoko SUYANTO, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal & Security Affairs
Sudi SILALAHI, State Secretary
H. SUSWONO, Minister of Agriculture
Tifatul SEMBIRING, Minister of Communication and Information
Mari Elka PANGESTU, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy
Purnomo YUSGIANTORO, Minister of Defense
Muhammad NUH, Minister of Education and Culture
Jero WACIK, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
Agus Dermawan Wintarto MARTOWARDOJO, Minister of Finance
Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana NATALEGAWA, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Zulkifli HASAN, Minister of Forestry
Endang Rahayu SEDYANINGSIH, Minister of Health
Gamawan FAUZI, Minister of Home Affairs
Mohamad Suleman HIDAYAT, Minister of Industry
Amir SYAMSUDDIN, Minister of Justice and Human Rights
Muhaimin ISKANDAR, Minister of Manpower and Transmigration
Syarip Cicip SUTARDJO, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Djoko KIRMANTO, Minister of Public Works
SURYADHARMA Ali, Minister of Religious Affairs
Salim Segaf AL-JUFRIE, Minister of Social Affairs
Gita Irawan WIRJAWAN, Minister of Trade
Evert Ernest MANGINDAAN, Minister of Transportation
Syarifuddin HASAN, State Minister for Cooperatives & Small & Medium Enterprises
Helmy Faishal ZAINI, State Minister for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions
Berth KAMBUAYA, State Minister for the Environment
Armida ALISJAHBANA, State Minister for National Development Planning
Djan FARIDZ, State Minister for Public Housing
Gusti Muhammad HATTA, State Minister for Research and Techology
Azwar ABUBAKAR, State Minister for State Apparatus Reform
Dahlan ISKAN, State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises
Linda Amalia Agum GUMELAR, State Minister for Women’s Empowerment
Andi Alfian MALLARANGENG, State Minister for Youth and Sports
Basrief ARIEF, Attorney General
Dipo ALAM, Cabinet Secretary
Lt. Gen. Marciano NORMAN, Director of State Intelligence Agency (BIN)
Darmin NASUTION, Governor of Bank Indonesia

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