A Choral Journey: A Playlist

Matthew Hanzel Avatar

True, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote anything.

It’s been a busy time for me. I am still adjusting to the dynamics of the office and I am enjoying it so far.

And then, came Spotify.

For years I have known Spotify, I have looked forward to using it. Finally, it came to Indonesia, and I have been trying it the past month. I have to be honest: I kinda like it. For a simple reason: discovery. It is easier now for me to find some ‘obscure’ songs that I actually love, and I enjoy curating playlists as well.

One of them, is rather special that I want to share it here.

Late last year, I ‘ended’ my 9-year career at my high school choir, with two gold medals from a national competition. It was awesome, and I think the ending was quite fitting. Then, fast forward today, when Spotify came, I pondered: What songs have I learned, practiced, or performed, during that 9-year-long career?

So I made this playlist, aptly titled “A Choral Journey”, trying to list many of the songs that I have interacted with directly during my career at that high school choir. Of course, the playlist is not perfect: Not only that I may forget some songs (due to the huge number of songs), but also there are songs that are just not on Spotify. So this playlist is perhaps more aptly called the songs that I have interacted with on Spotify.

I will continue to jog my memory and see if I can update the playlist with more songs that I remember, but here you go. Enjoy!

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