A final thought of Obama

Matthew Hanzel Avatar

I feel terribly sad with the fact that in two hours, the United States will see a new president. Even sadder that President Obama has only two hours or so left in his 8-year presidency.

I see only grace and coolness in Obama. He did the impossible thing of pulling America’s hands and force the country to get up. After the global crisis and lack of confience, what could have gone worse? Yet on that cold night in Chicago, the resounding message was, “Yes, we can.” History changed.

He worked with the impossible. The Congress was practically against him. Probably even some in his own party was against him. He soon realized that his idealism was a way too distant from realism. He tried to navigate huge rocks and mountains, with poise and class rarely seen in any politician. At least he tried to do what he thought was best: Affordable Care Act, LGBT, defense for the children and immigrants, social equality, and many, many more.

Even with Michelle, Malia, and Sasha. I cannot say quite often that this is a family of grace, class, without any scandal. The last family that did so was probably George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. I cannot recall who else. This is Obama, a family man, beyond anything, who honestly, and ceaselessly, loves his family more than most.

And deep down, Obama the president is Obama the man. He has his faults. He is far from perfect. Yet he tries to be just who he is. Without any mask, without any pretense. His laughter, his kind heart, his embrace toward the needy, his tears of pain during the mass shootings. Even his little surprises, such as the one for his ‘brother’ Joe Biden last week. That is just Obama, just pure Obama.

Ultimately, I feel proud to say that I am living through his eight-year presidency. I studied about him a bit, and I look at him ever since. People may say anything about Obama, and there will be detractors. At the end of the day, Obama leaves the presidency a better man, and the office is better because of him.

Thank you, President Obama. And I wish the very best to his successor. In a world that needs the American leadership more than ever, may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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