Planning a new segment

I am planning to add a little new segment to this blog. For the past month, I’ve been assigned as a research analyst trainee. It allows me to interact constantly with data, statistics, numbers, and all sorts. They teach me about a lot of things, including those industries and sectors that I have never known before, all insightful ideas, including those that may fall into your “did you know?” trivia category!

For this segment, I will be posting one image in every post, showing one set of data or information supported with a set of data. By relying on visualization and just one image, I hope that you can digest the information quickly, while still showing the numbers that I suppose to show. In most cases, it will not contain any analysis or complex discussion, simply showing the data will do.

I am going to call the new segment NumberCruncher, and it will be a new category in this blog.

I will be posting the first post of NumberCruncher in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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