He Knows How to Win

Matthew Hanzel Avatar

Reading the news of how Sir Alex Ferguson was urgently admitted to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage was a little devastating. Yes, Fergie has retired, and you cannot betray his age of 76. Even the man from Govan has his own limits, certainly.

But looking at the outpouring of well-wishes from the entire world—which included Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City—brought a little sense of warmth. Here they were, almost constantly beaten by Sir Alex, but sharing heartfelt messages of “get well soon” and “thoughts and prayers.”

This situation alone warrants a few observation.

Fergie is one of my role models, in terms of not merely leadership, but also in developing the winning mentality. All the comebacks, the late winners, those pillars that shape Manchester United the way it is today, without a doubt can only happen by the intervention of someone really special—like Fergie. Fergie himself does epitomize not only Manchester United, but also what winning means.

If there is anyone who knows how to win—even from the direst of circumstances—it’ll be Fergie.

So, just like the rest of the world, I am wishing Sir Alex Ferguson a speedy recovery. The world still needs an individual, a great, almost elder statesman, individual to show the beauty of association football. Nobody knows winning better than Sir Alex, and just like always, he’ll do it in Fergie Time. There is no such thing as the end of the match, before Fergie threw the kitchen sink, and forces one more goal to win the game.

Fergie, bloody hell!

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