I’m a Happy Customer

Matthew Hanzel Avatar

For the past year, I have been holding on a damaged iPad Smart Keyboard. The fact that there is no Apple Store in Indonesia made it hard to just try to find a solution for this problem. Only after I googled this issue I found out that Apple has a ‘product improvement’ program—which is essentially a recall, since the Smart Keyboard was found to be faulty. I tried once in Thailand, to no avail. So this time, I was very determined to have the faulty keyboard exchanged.

I decided to try this Apple Store at Jewel Changi Airport, believing that the Orchard store would be extremely busy. I was right. The Apple Genius staff provided a swift service, making the exchange without any fuss—realizing that the store actually has a stock of this old product still—and even took the time just to show real concern.

Apple Store at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

This is why I am a happy Apple customer. The company, ultimately, understands why customers rely on its products, and when it is faulty, it is of its interest to provide some rectification. This was not the first I experienced how it is very concerned with whether I am satisfied or not—even when I tried to trade in my old iPhone with a newer iPhone at an overseas Apple Store last year, the staff actually advised me against buying the top iPhone and to settle for the mid-range one, which I completely love. It was in my interest, not the store’s interest, nor the employee’s interest.

I am a happy customer, and if this continues, I think I will always be.

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