About Me

Hi. My name is Matthew.

In my daily routine, I am a communications professional. On the side, I also teach Model United Nations (MUN). Hobby, you ask? Reading, writing, taking photos, collecting notes and coins, and playing video games.

I have been a corporate communications professional for a few years now—then at a bank, presently with a major technology company. I take pride in what I do, even with the fact that I didn’t start my communications career from the same educational background. Laying the ground rules, starting groundbreaking communications activities, and many other things in between.

Aside from that, I love to teach. Model United Nations (MUN) is a field that has been close and dear to my heart since I was studying for my bachelor’s. After a few years of becoming a delegate followed by experience in chairing and developing delegations for several conferences, I tutor Indonesian students about MUN from the ground up—in the process, allowing many of them to win awards around the world. I am proud of them. Therefore, you’ll find many articles and resources about MUN here, and I hope you’ll find them useful.

This blog has been here for about a decade and predates my professional career. I’m trying my best to update it frequently with articles that are, first and foremost, efforts to share knowledge or what I know. Therefore, this site is firstly intended as a knowledge-sharing site, more than anything.

There are detours, changes, and diverging interests in my career and professional life. Therefore, this blog will also feature my personal thoughts about many things—including technology, games, my favorite football club (or ‘soccer’ for our American friends), and design. To reflect the diversity, many articles are written in Indonesian, and some are also written in English. In either of the languages, I hope you can still find the articles enjoyable, clear, and insightful.

Photography is also a hobby that I love to do occasionally. While this blog was never intended to be a photography blog, I’ve started a new page, Photos by MH, just to display some of them. Stay tuned as I provide more photos that I’ve taken, and let me know which ones are your favorite.

Take a look. Stroll around. Read and enjoy.

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