About Motion

Who Are We

Motion is a training agency focusing on competitive Model United Nations. Established in 2015, Motion believes in nurturing delegates to succeed in competitions around the world, while at the same time developing important skills that are useful for participants, whichever course of life they are in after the competition is finished. Motion has trained more than 50 students and they have won numerous awards in international Model United Nations conferences.

Unique Approach

From years of studying and observing how people teach Model United Nations, Motion uses a different approach to teach Model United Nations to students:

  • We focus first on developing skills that are actually useful rather than on winning the competition. While succeeding in the competition is important, it is more important that students learn about skills that will be useful even after the competition is finished.
  • We use a syllabus which features a holistic training program, suitable not only for seasoned delegates—even for newcomers, proven by some delegates who win international awards in their first conference ever.
  • We use a high-pressure simulation to help delegates get used to working under constant tension and challenge to provide an impression of what they will face in the competition.

“The training that I got was super fun, challenging, and helped me grow as a person. I learned so much, everything was beyond my expectation… One of my most precious experiences that I will never forget.

Muthia Farah Diba Damanik
Delegate and Awardee of the “Best English as an Additional Language or Dialect Delegation Award” at Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) 2018.