I cannot exactly remember when I first started to like writing things. My earliest memory was probably during my first grade of school, when my free composition in the Indonesian language class was scored the best by my homeroom teacher—and I was asked to read it aloud in front of the class. Looking backward, probably it was the first time I find writing interesting.

It continued all the way to my high school years, and all the way to my university years also. Nevertheless, I experienced a certain shift in my writing preferences, from fiction (I used to like writing short stories and poems) to opinions and non-fiction writings.

That is why, this blog will contain more of “non-fiction” things, rather than literature.

  • 1991

    Was born in Jakarta

  • 1997-1998

    Spent childhood during one of the most turbulent times in Indonesia’s history

  • 2003

    Enrolled in an all-male school in Jakarta

  • 2006

    Enrolled into one of the top high schools in Jakarta, and started a 9-year long choral career

  • 2009

    Started studying international relations

  • 2010

    Won my first national debate competition, silver medal for my first choir competition (post-high-school)

  • 2015

    Retired from choir with two gold medals from the final competition, joined one of the world’s biggest banks, started turning Model United Nations delegates into winners

More than that, this blog will act more like a learning journal. I strongly believe that the best way to learn something is by sharing what I learn to others, and that is the purpose of this blog. I seriously hope that you can learn many things together with me as well, as I walk through my journey of learning new things.

My interests include a number of distinct topics. To begin with, international relations is my biggest interest, the very field of study that I took during my university years. Music is another—my 9-year experience as chorister and later assistant artistic director tells a lot. Debate and Model United Nations are also some of the most interesting things I’ve been into. Technology will also be found throughout this blog. And now, since I am walking on my newly-started career as a banker, you will occassionally find discussions about banking and economics as well.

I certainly hope that you can find a lot of values, lessons, things to learn from this blog, as you go along with me on this learning path. If you are curious enough about things, use this blog as a starting point to lead you to deeper search of the things.

Let’s go!