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The toy for every MUN nerd

For many of you who are following my blog, you will know that I am an avid fan of Model United Nations (MUN)—or United Nations, for that matter. I fond this international organization that I study some of its books, and I collect UN-related stuffs: from flag to pin, lanyard to hoodie.

And this, the perfect toy for any UN or MUN nerd.

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Never been this excited for iOS!

I have always been excited every time Apple releases a new edition of its mobile operating system, iOS. In every iteration, iOS brings many improvements, and still a very trustworthy system to be used everyday. Remember the first time iOS was released for iPhone? Yes. The first time it was released for iPod touch? Updated straight away (despite the USD 9.99 upgrade fee). Released for the iPad in 2010? I still remember that. Or the crazy design overhaul through iOS 7? (“We have ran out of green felt!”)

I think, however, iOS 11 will be the most exciting release, ever. I have never been this excited.

This is the release for the iPad, and Apple actually shows that it cares for the iPad and its users. It may have taken too long for Apple to make the iOS right for the iPad, but if it takes that long, I believe it is worth the months and years passing, hoping that finally Apple gets it right.

From drag and drop, the persistent (albeit hidden) dock, revamped control center, and even a new Files app mechanism, I have every reason to celebrate the release, and finally to ponder if the iPad Pro is a worthy way to replace my 9-year old MacBook.

I was on the fence before between iPad Pro and a certain tablet that runs a full-blown computer operating system. Sorry, that-other-tablet-device, your product is lovely and all that, but I am swaying, again, for a product that I can actually trust. time after time, after time again.

Let’s wait for iOS 11 to be released publicly, and have productivity accelerating to a whole new level!

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Untuk teman-teman Smukiez Choir

Saya belum berhasil berbicara banyak untuk persiapan kalian ke lomba paduan suara internasional di Vietnam. Sebagai gantinya, biar tulisan pendek ini yang menjadi alat saya menghampiri kalian semua.

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Jangan remehkan motivasi!

Saya bukan ingin meniru sekelompok orang yang memang pekerjaannya memotivasi—yang dikenal dengan nama “motivator”. Selama itu pekerjaan yang baik-baik, sah, dan memang berdaya guna, apalah yang harus dipermasalahkan? Melalui tulisan ini, saya ingin menekankan pada Anda, mengapa motivasi begitu penting saat Anda berkompetisi. Lagi-lagi, saya menarik dari pengalaman hidup saya dalam beberapa kompetisi, untuk melihat kembali mengapa ia begitu krusial.

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Sejarah Berdirinya ASEAN

ASEAN bukanlah satu-satunya, dan bukanlah upaya pertama negara-negara kawasan Asia Tenggara untuk melakukan integrasi regional.

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Selamat malam

Selamat malam, cahaya purnama.

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Dari Besi Baja ke Mata Uang: Lahirnya Uni Eropa

Sejarah berdirinya Uni Eropa merupakan sejarah yang cukup panjang, dan merupakan sejarah evolusioner yang mengalami perkembangan setiap periodenya. Gerakan yang mengarah kepada pendirian Uni Eropa lahir dari kesadaran bangsa-bangsa Eropa sendiri, dan menjadi unik karena bermula bukan hanya dari persepsi ancaman keamanan klasik, melainkan juga terdapat elemen ekonomi dan kemakmuran.


Saying goodbye to reason

Jakarta is a place that I hold dear. This is the metropolitan city where I was born, where I grew up, and today, where I live. It is a city whose history I learn since childhood, a capital city whose name I memorized first as I held my first globe, likely the first city that I could spell by name when I was younger.

Today, the city turns its page to a new page, and it is all murky.