Memanfaatkan Hak

Hari ini, saya memanfaatkan hak politik saya sebagai warga negara dalam pemilihan kepala daerah serentak di Jakarta. Saya memanfaatkan hak politik saya ini dengan bahagia karena beberapa hal—yang menjadi penyebab saya menulis tulisan kali ini. Continue reading “Memanfaatkan Hak”

Model UN: Using the Qualified Majority Voting

So, you are joining a Model United Nations conference, and you are assigned to the Council of the European Union. Well done! An exciting conference is certainly in order. You start doing some research, you take a look at the rules of procedure.

As you flip through the pages, you read about the voting procedure.

Then, you read the words, “Qualified majority voting.”

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Planning a new segment

I am planning to add a little new segment to this blog. For the past month, I’ve been assigned as a research analyst trainee. It allows me to interact constantly with data, statistics, numbers, and all sorts. They teach me about a lot of things, including those industries and sectors that I have never known before, all insightful ideas, including those that may fall into your “did you know?” trivia category!

For this segment, I will be posting one image in every post, showing one set of data or information supported with a set of data. By relying on visualization and just one image, I hope that you can digest the information quickly, while still showing the numbers that I suppose to show. In most cases, it will not contain any analysis or complex discussion, simply showing the data will do.

I am going to call the new segment NumberCruncher, and it will be a new category in this blog.

I will be posting the first post of NumberCruncher in the next few days. Stay tuned.

A banknote—with an all-new design


I just received one of the new Indonesian Rupiah banknotes—here the IDR 100,000 banknote—with an all new design. The design is actually quite lovely, and queer at the same time. After having a money design that lasted for almost a decade, this new design is a radical overhaul of the design we all used to.

I will discuss in greater detail later about the new design.

Completed the reading challenge!

I thought starting a full-time job should have been a significant hurdle to my hobby: reading books. Little did I know, I actually managed to surpass my 2016 reading challenge by two books. 

To add to that, I also read two non-fiction books, written in gripping fashion by the one and only, Ms. Agatha Christie. And Then There Were None was especially exceptional—the story was too captivating, and it was a non-stopper. 

Here are the books that I’ve managed to read this year:

  1. Dale Carnegie, Public Speaking for Success
  2. Ed Mickolus and Joseph Brannan, Coaching Winning Model United Nations Teams
  3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  4. Roger Dawson, Secrets of Power Negotiating
  5. Peter Navarro, Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World
  6. Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs—This was actually my second reading; I read the wonderful biography first in 2011, starting on the day it was published
  7. Michael D. Barr, The Ruling Elite of Singapore: Networks of Power and Influence
  8. Davis Shambaugh, China’s Future
  9. Avi Shlaim, The Iron Wall—Definitely one of my most favorite readings for 2016, the book was quite thick (almost 900 pages I think), and it opened a whole new horizon in understanding the Israel-Palestinian conflict
  10. Scott Berkun, Confessions of a Public Speaker
  11. Dale Carnegie Training, Stand Up and Deliver
  12. Raj Raghunathan, If You’re So Smaer, Why Aren’t You Happy?
  13. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, Think Like a Freak
  14. Kurt M. Campbell, The Pivot: The Future of American Statecraft in Asia
  15. Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None—One of the best ever fiction works I’ve ever read in my lifetime
  16. Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders
  17. John McBeth, The Loner: President Yudhoyono’s Decade of Trial and Indecision—Also one of the best books I’ve read under the politics/biographies genre, and it was eye-opening

If you are reading this post, I do encourage you to read more. Reading books helps me to balance my sanity with the business of work. You may think reading non-fiction works burdening—sometimes it is. However, the new insights and understanding that you earn afterwards do make the activity worthwhile.