Thoughts on “Origin”

As usual, I welcome Dan Brown’s new novel with joy. I’ve been reading his work since The Da Vinci Code (and the lovely prequel, Angels and Demons). This time is no different. Origin is Brown’s newest novel. I purchased one for my Kindle, and I devoured the novel in 6 something hours—cover to cover. The story was […]

Completed the reading challenge!

I thought starting a full-time job should have been a significant hurdle to my hobby: reading books. Little did I know, I actually managed to surpass my 2016 reading challenge by two books.  To add to that, I also read two non-fiction books, written in gripping fashion by the one and only, Ms. Agatha Christie. And […]

Why Indonesians Have Failed to Embrace E-Books

This morning, Michael Kozlowski of published an article, “Indonesians have failed to embrace e-books”. In that short article, he talked about the Indonesians’ apparent lack of interest in electronic books. That is true, except that I was hoping to see a different set of explanation. Being an Indonesian myself, and an avid reader of […]

Review: Alex Ferguson My Autobiography

I probably did a serious mistake by reading this book first instead of the “Old Testament”–there are two autobiographies of Sir Alex Ferguson: Managing My Life and My Autobiography. This book is clearly a sequel to complete the first book, and you may find yourself a tad disoriented without reading the first.

Review: George Weigel’s Witness to Hope

How do you write an authoritative biography of one of the most towering figures of the twentieth century? A herculean task, no less. One journalist, though, by the name of George Weigel, decided to take the challenge. Leader of more than 1.2 billion people worldwide, one of the longest leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, […]