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  • I’m a Happy Customer

    I’m a Happy Customer

    For the past year, I have been holding on a damaged iPad Smart Keyboard. The fact that there is no Apple Store in Indonesia made it hard to just try to find a solution for this problem. Only after I googled this issue I found out that Apple has a ‘product improvement’ program—which is essentially…

  • Manchester is Red

    Manchester is Red

    I cannot remember well when was the last time I enjoyed watching Manchester United—perhaps the opening game of the season when the team crushed Chelsea by four goals. But today’s derby spoke miles about the team.

  • “And Solksjaer has won it!”

    There are only so many times in my life when my heart pounded like that. I think I could actually hear my own heartbeat during that passing minutes. As the referee went to the VAR screen, looking whether a penalty should be given or not. And it was given. And it was converted.

  • A Good—But Lazy Game

    A Good—But Lazy Game

    It was the moment of ‘finally’. The FIFA World Cup 2018 update for FIFA 2018 on PS4 has arrived. The console recognized that an update was present, so the 5GB update started to download right away, and a couple hours later, there I was trying the FIFA World Cup mode. It was a graphics I…

  • He Knows How to Win

    He Knows How to Win

    Reading the news of how Sir Alex Ferguson was urgently admitted to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage was a little devastating. Yes, Fergie has retired, and you cannot betray his age of 76. Even the man from Govan has his own limits, certainly.

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