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  • A horrifying drop

    For a presumably global currency, a drop like this (GBP/USD) is very unwanted. The current Brexit vote, however, drives the market crazy, and GBP is losing its value much faster than Prince Charles tidies his hair. (Graph from Bloomberg)

  • The thing about Sino-Japanese relations

    “Many Chinese consider the greatest humiliation during the century of humiliation to be China’s defeat by Japan, a former tributary and vassal state.” —Zheng Wang, Never Forget National Humiliation, p. 54

  • Algerian Foreign Policy in Perspective

    Algerian Foreign Policy in Perspective

    If there are certain factors that may define Algerian foreign policy greatly, the factors of nationalism and revolutionary movements may provide the answer. This North African country found itself in the spotlight especially after what happened during the Algerian War of Independence in the 1950s. The United States Government considered Algerian foreign policy – especially…

  • Sejarah Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia

    Sejarah Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia

    Untuk memeringati enam puluh tahun Konferensi Asia-Afrika pada tanggal 18-24 April 2015 mendatang, tulisan ini akan menapaktilas sejarah politik luar negeri Indonesia, bagaimana politik luar negeri mendukung keberlangsungan hidup negara yang baru merdeka, mengarungi berbagai tantangan politik internasional, hingga kini. Sejarah politik luar negeri Indonesia tidak terlepas dari sejarah Kementerian Luar Negeri, yaitu badan pemerintah…

  • Secretaries of State: More Trips to Asia-Pacific?

    Secretaries of State: More Trips to Asia-Pacific?

    During my research (for my thesis), it is important to know how many trips (and days) are spent by three U.S. secretaries of state, Colin Powell (2001-2005), Condoleezza Rice (2005-2009) and Hillary Clinton (2009-2013). As many of us know, Secretary Clinton, under President Obama, is doing this ‘pivot’ strategy, otherwise known today as ‘rebalancing,’ toward…

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