Dari Besi Baja ke Mata Uang: Lahirnya Uni Eropa

Sejarah berdirinya Uni Eropa merupakan sejarah yang cukup panjang, dan merupakan sejarah evolusioner yang mengalami perkembangan setiap periodenya. Gerakan yang mengarah kepada pendirian Uni Eropa lahir dari kesadaran bangsa-bangsa Eropa sendiri, dan menjadi unik karena bermula bukan hanya dari persepsi ancaman keamanan klasik, melainkan juga terdapat elemen ekonomi dan kemakmuran. Continue reading “Dari Besi Baja ke Mata Uang: Lahirnya Uni Eropa”

Model UN: Using the Qualified Majority Voting

The European Parliament

So, you are joining a Model United Nations conference, and you are assigned to the Council of the European Union. Well done! An exciting conference is certainly in order. You start doing some research, you take a look at the rules of procedure.

As you flip through the pages, you read about the voting procedure.

Then, you read the words, “Qualified majority voting.”

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A horrifying drop

For a presumably global currency, a drop like this (GBP/USD) is very unwanted. The current Brexit vote, however, drives the market crazy, and GBP is losing its value much faster than Prince Charles tidies his hair.

(Graph from Bloomberg)

Why the UN should exist


A good quote that summarizes how important the United Nations is. Even if it does not exist today, all countries will make a different organization whose works are exactly what the United Nations is doing right now.