[INFO] A New Conference to Join: TIUMUN

My good friend from Tokyo International University is opening an invitation for its inaugural Model United Nations conference: The outer space has been a fascinating frontier to explore since the first launch of telecommunication satellite. However, it has been really friendly with the advancement of technology making outer space-based weapons possible. The First Committee of […]

Alangkah Indahnya Kalau Suara Dipadu!

Saya bergabung bersama sebuah paduan suara sebelas tahun yang lalu, di penghujung tahun 2006. Tepatnya, sebuah paduan suara sekolah menengah atas. Setelah itu, saya tetap aktif bersama paduan suara tersebut hampir 10 tahun lamanya, bahkan lama seusai saya lulus dari sekolah tersebut. Beberapa hari ini, saya ikut merenung sejenak, apa sih hebatnya paduan suara? Lama […]

Doing research for MUN

If you are preparing to participate in any MUN conference now, doing proper research will be inevitable. While as a student, research may be an activity that is already familiar to most, if not all, of you, doing research for a MUN conference takes another level of depth, especially considering that you are going to […]

A journey concludes

When the names were first handed over to me—through their essays and TOEFL scores, I didn’t know what to expect. A few weeks later, and after all the hard work, they returned to their hometowns, as winners. Seeing their grow has been humbling, and it made me proud as well. Knowing that they won added […]

Why I teach MUN

I find teaching satisfies a lot of things. It makes you smarter. It is fun. It is a productive hobby. Even better, I have the opportunity to meet amazing, brilliant, diligent, talented individuals, who share a common goal, a common thirst—thirst of knowledge, of enrichment, of personal development (it’s DEE-vé-lèp-mèn, not dé-vè-lop-mèn). It is a […]

MUN Exercise: Choosing the Right Word

In this exercise, you will match a word with a number of its synonyms that are considerably more ‘formal’, or appropriate to use in formal contexts. The goal of this exercise is to remind you of the ‘choice of words’ that you can utilize as you deliver your speech or write any conference document (e.g. […]

Model UN: Using the Qualified Majority Voting

So, you are joining a Model United Nations conference, and you are assigned to the Council of the European Union. Well done! An exciting conference is certainly in order. You start doing some research, you take a look at the rules of procedure. As you flip through the pages, you read about the voting procedure. […]

SIMUN 6: Position Paper

Tulisan ini merupakan tulisan keenam dari Seri Model United Nations, yaitu serangkaian artikel mengenal kegiatan simulasi sidang Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa (PBB) yang kini sedang populer di kalangan akademik muda, khususnya para pelajar dan mahasiswa. Tulisan ini disediakan secara cuma-cuma demi diseminasi ilmu pengetahuan. Jika Anda hendak mengutip sebagian dari tulisan ini, mohon melakukannya dengan kaidah akademik yang berlaku.