Principles of debating (or, learning from the first Clinton-Trump debate)

So you have watched the first U.S. Presidential Election Debate earlier today. The debate was between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, both wearing inverted colors of their respective parties, with Clinton wearing a red blouse and Trump with a blue tie (red is identical to Republican and blue to Democratic).

I have watched three such debates, beginning with Obama-McCain debate in 2008. Heck, I even mocked-debate once, with me acting as Governor Romney (yes, in 2012). Yet this debate is unlike any other. This debate is extremely heated, almost head-popping, sometimes with very little substance, but high in tension. Even so, I have found my winner, and that is the lady in red, keeping her demeanor intact while the other took the bait and almost flipped the lectern at instances, with his sniffing nose beaming sound through the microphone.

I write this post to show to you, kind readers, some of the principles of debating that I know that you can learn, we can learn together, from what happened during this exciting debate. Here, you will see also why Clinton wins this debate by a long stretch—even when he and his supporters say the exact opposite. Continue reading Principles of debating (or, learning from the first Clinton-Trump debate)

Transportasi Persaingan Sempurna

Jika hal ini akan terdengar ironis bagi Anda, saya menulis tulisan yang Anda baca ini di dalam sebuah taksi yang cukup terkenal—warnanya biru—dan terjebak macet di tengah hujan. Sempurna.

Kemarin, Jakarta digoyang aksi unjuk rasa dari pengemudi angkutan umum, yang kelihatannya mayoritas berasal dari pengemudi taksi. Tuntutannya? Meminta agar pemerintah melarang layanan transportasi berbasis aplikasi dalam jaringan (LTBA, rumit? online application transportation service). Alasannya, karena tidak saja dianggap ilegal, keberadaan mereka juga dipandang menggerus ladang penghasilan mereka. Continue reading Transportasi Persaingan Sempurna