Jokowi’s Inauguration Speech in English

Note: I write this translation of Jokowi’s inauguration speech as president after looking at a request made by a colleague. I thank him for acknowledging me on his article about Jokowi’s inauguration speech, and now I provide the translation for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

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Meletakkan Angka dalam Konteks: Hasil Pilpres 2014

Komisi Pemilihan Umum telah menetapkan pemenang pemilihan umum presiden dan wakil presiden 2014, yaitu pasangan calon nomor urut 2: Joko Widodo (Jokowi) dan Jusuf Kalla (JK). Pasangan calon ini memenangkan pemilihan umum dengan selisih 6.30% dari sekitar 130 juta suara sah dari seluruh Indonesia dan para pemilih di luar negeri.

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Secretaries of State: More Trips to Asia-Pacific?

During my research (for my thesis), it is important to know how many trips (and days) are spent by three U.S. secretaries of state, Colin Powell (2001-2005), Condoleezza Rice (2005-2009) and Hillary Clinton (2009-2013). As many of us know, Secretary Clinton, under President Obama, is doing this ‘pivot’ strategy, otherwise known today as ‘rebalancing,’ toward the Asia-Pacific region. The intention is to signal an increasing attention to this growing region, and the United States finds it important.

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