Managing my team

A screenshot from Football Manager 13 for iOS, playing with Manchester United.
A screenshot from Football Manager 13 for iOS, playing with Manchester United.

Playing Football Manager (FM) is one lovely pastime. This is one screenshot from my game using my favorite team, Manchester United. And yes, I bought Robert Lewandowski in 2014.

Why iPod Classic (after all these years)?

Ah, the iPod Classic. Its spinning hard drive, its bulkier form factor, its sometimes slow performance, its 20-minute skip protection, the debate about the sound chips, its capability to take your entire music library with you. The good ol’ faithful iPod Classic. Haven’t been updated since 2009 (upgrading the storage from 120GB to 160GB), many people predict the demise of this lovely device, especially due to the popularity of iPod Touch and the slump of iPod sales in general. Practically the last 30-pin connector device still left on the market (besides the old iPhones and other iPods of course), we can expect Apple to pull the plug real soon.

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Apple’s ‘Right of Reply’

The way Apple is depicted in today’s media is somewhat between pure facts or pure stupidity. Why? While some opt to publish news around Apple as a matter of fact, for instance updates, product launches, etc., some instead opt to the sensational speculations, gossips; that sometimes may have logical value, yet most of them are pure crazy. Apple, clearly, won’t exercise any ‘right of reply’ in this manner, yet if only they are, the explanation may involve the following explanations.

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