Designing Winning Presentations

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Befriending slides has never been easier.

Our “Designing Winning Presentations” consulting is now available. For the past few years, millions and millions of people have been introduced to making presentation slides: from high school students to corporate leaders, applications such as PowerPoint or Keynote are your frienemies. Through Type & Co.’s consulting, let me introduce you to how you can befriend presentation slides—the easy way, of course.

Educate yourself.
The exciting way.

“Designing Winning Presentation” consulting is the perfect place for you to understand how to make presentations that gain attention, sell products, win pitches, and many more. I want you to be best designers and better presenters afterwards.

The bullets have to go.
It’s time to move on.

Despite the fact that you have been using presentation applications for years now, you have done a lot of mistakes—even without you realizing it. No wonder, people yawn or look bored when you present things. The audience show faces of discomfort. You are no longer the center of attention. Therefore, it is time for you to move away from your old presentation skills, and make yourself savvy with how you present your ideas!

Empowering you.
One slide at a time.

I will empower you, instead of imposing things to you. Instead of shelling hundreds, or even thousands of dollars hiring other people to design slides for you, why don’t you learn how to do it yourself? Being able to accomplish that in your own way will certainly be more of an accomplishment for you, more rewarding, and certainly be more satisfying as well!

Through the process, I will listen and adapt to your needs and concerns. However, I will help you in at least one of the following three steps, for you to make that winning presentation:

  1. Plan: What do you want to inform your audience with? What is your message? How will you save the day with your idea? I will help you in finding the key message of your business, your thesis, and many more.
  2. Write: You need to work with words, and this is the perfect place to do that. With my background as a writer, amateur journalist, blogger, researcher, and debater in one, I can help you with finding the perfect combination of letters for your presentation.
  3. Design: Colors, photos, numbers, points. Time to put them on the canvas. Let me assist you in finding your problems, how to rectify them, and how can you create better slides both visually and communicatively.

Ready to start?

I cannot wait to get in touch with you, and change your life, one slide at a time. Get your quotes, or contact me here!