Model United Nations is never merely about winning.
It’s more.

We believe that when someone decides to join a Model United Nations (MUN) conference, winning an award should never be the sole goal. While it is indeed important, beyond that, it is even more urging to acquire the skills that are destined to be learned through the program. What good will your conference experience be if you cannot use any of the skills once the conference is finished?

Our approach is to develop the skills first.
Newbie or seasoned.

We have experienced teaching various MUN students, both newcomers and seasoned. Even with the gap, we treat all students equally: Starting like a blank book, our job is to facilitate my students to discover the skills that they have actually known, and help them organize the knowledge that they have to prepare them for the conference. During the process, we will enrich the students with more from the ‘play book’, from strategies to perks, do’s and don’ts, and everything in between.

We build winners.

Our way of learning is to build winners. Not only students will learn all the skills that they have, from scratch, we will also build their confidence, instilling the belief that they actually can. There is no conference too difficult, no delegate too powerful. We have seen newcomers winning awards, by believing and pushing the limits, all the way to the finish line, and working hard to excel in different areas.

Years of service.
Years of achievements.

Following years of experience, Motion was established in 2015. Through the years, we are committed to couple development and triumph, with our students earning accolades across international conferences.
[For a full list of achievements, please see here]