Short Class

Short Classes without Exams

I am a strong believer that education can improve everyone that is ready to learn, even from outside the formal classes. Sometimes, what do you learn in your formal classes are just not enough: they teach you on theories and certain aspects of practice, but not issues that are seldom discussed or often determined to be too specialized.

Nevertheless, that is the exact purpose of this program. In cooperation with the International Relations Students’ Association of Universitas Pelita Harapan, I will be giving short classes on different topics of interests related to the study of International Relations (IR). Topics are available both on my discretion and based on popular demand.

The program will be started in October 2013, with a minimum of 20 (twenty) participants per class. A statement of participation will be issued to participants who have engaged actively in discussions and class activities. Each class will be held for about 2 hours, every Tuesday at 3.30 pm.

If you are ready to participate, click the following topics to register yourself and read what will you get at each classes. Meanwhile, fill our survey at the bottom of this page.

CLASS ONE: Vatican, the Extraordinary International Creature
CLASS TWO: Making Wars Humane: The Story of International Humanitarian Law


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