SCWE 1: Vatican, the Extraordinary International Creature

Short Classes without Exams


This short class will introduce participants to the interesting nature of the smallest sovereign state on earth. The only place where the sacred and the secular meet, the Vatican is a country that invites more debate than settling one. With the pope as an international figure, the attention to Vatican in recent years has been growing to all the wrong reasons: sexual abuses, corruption, Vaticanleaks, among many others. This short class will explore the history and details about the Vatican, including its peculiar relations to the Holy See.


In this short class, participants will learn:

  • What is Vatican?
  • Vatican and the Holy See, the differences and the relations
  • History of the Vatican and the Holy See
  • Politics of the Vatican, including the pope, the authority, and the election
  • Vatican’s place in the international relations
  • Debate: how should international organizations treat the Vatican?

What will participants get?

For their participation, participants will get a copy of the material presented, and a signed statement of participation. To earn the statement of participation, participants should fully, actively, and fruitfully participate in the class activity, including debates and discussions.


This short class will be taught in about 2,5 (two and a half) hours.


Matthew Hanzel is a senior student of the Department of International Relations, Universitas Pelita Harapan. The topic of Vatican has a special bearing to his interest, making him studying in meticulous details the nature and characteristics of this state.



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