Indonesia Does Not Need the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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The controversy over President Joko Widodo’s statement of intention that Indonesia wants to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is yet to calm down. The sentence, practically crammed in the middle of a joint statement between President Widodo and President Barack Obama on the 26th of October, 2015, triggers a debate that almost neglects various achievements that President Widodo has brought home from Washington, D.C. Continue reading Indonesia Does Not Need the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Asia-Pacific: Defining a Region

When I was working on my undergraduate thesis, one of the key concepts that I attempted to define was “Asia-Pacific.” Indeed, this is more than just a name of a region. There are different ways to define this region, and indeed, there are different names used in reference to this very same region. On this post, I will mention some of the definitions that I manage to gather, just to give a comparison on how defining one region may be very different (a form of construction, maybe?).

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Can these two powers co-reign Asia?

Earlier this morning I saw this very interesting post at CSIS’ blog, regarding the Sino-Indonesian relations. The writing circulates last month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit at Bali. The summit was interesting for both countries: for China, since it becomes the prima donna of the conference, by the presence of President Xi Jinping and notable absence of President Barack Obama; and for Indonesia, for the success of the conference.

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Secretaries of State: More Trips to Asia-Pacific?

During my research (for my thesis), it is important to know how many trips (and days) are spent by three U.S. secretaries of state, Colin Powell (2001-2005), Condoleezza Rice (2005-2009) and Hillary Clinton (2009-2013). As many of us know, Secretary Clinton, under President Obama, is doing this ‘pivot’ strategy, otherwise known today as ‘rebalancing,’ toward the Asia-Pacific region. The intention is to signal an increasing attention to this growing region, and the United States finds it important.

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