Dari Besi Baja ke Mata Uang: Lahirnya Uni Eropa

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Model UN: Using the Qualified Majority Voting

The European Parliament

So, you are joining a Model United Nations conference, and you are assigned to the Council of the European Union. Well done! An exciting conference is certainly in order. You start doing some research, you take a look at the rules of procedure.

As you flip through the pages, you read about the voting procedure.

Then, you read the words, “Qualified majority voting.”

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The Case Against ASEAN Greatness

While the world seems to be more integrated in the past ten years – more than ever before – regionalism seems to be another prevailing trend on the other hand. The emergence of the European Union as one successful example of a supranational-regional organization makes many regions of the world think of any possibilities of similar forms of cooperation. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) would be one of those regions.

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Will the European Union be a Good Model for ASEAN?

The following essay is from an entry that I made for an essay-presentation competition with the above topic. Therefore, all footnotes are retained.


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and European Union (EU) are both ‘the best of both worlds’, in the same respect. Both are regional cooperation organizations, which operate in two different regions that have two very distinct characteristics. In international politics, both are often compared and contrasted for the same reason above.

By being the older – while also considering the developed vs. developing condition – one may ask, will the EU be a good model for ASEAN? Facing the same question, I’ll answer: no. And there are reasons why.

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