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  • “And Solksjaer has won it!”

    There are only so many times in my life when my heart pounded like that. I think I could actually hear my own heartbeat during that passing minutes. As the referee went to the VAR screen, looking whether a penalty should be given or not. And it was given. And it was converted.

  • He Knows How to Win

    He Knows How to Win

    Reading the news of how Sir Alex Ferguson was urgently admitted to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage was a little devastating. Yes, Fergie has retired, and you cannot betray his age of 76. Even the man from Govan has his own limits, certainly.

  • Ini Dia Sang Maha-Derbi

    Ini Dia Sang Maha-Derbi

    Saya telah beberapa tahun terakhir menyaksikan Derbi Manchester, dan saya menyadari pula makna derbi ini bagi kedua klub. Selama waktu-waktu terakhir, khususnya ketika Manchester City telah keluar dan berganti status dari ‘tetangga berisik’ (noisy neighbors) untuk menjadi juara Liga Inggris beberapa kali.

  • It Was a Success for the Red Devils

    It Was a Success for the Red Devils

    It was a start that Sir Alex Ferguson could not match.

  • Best Performance Ever!

    Best Performance Ever!

    Have I ever seen Manchester United played this well?

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