These brave lads!

It was crazy to ponder that these kids, not even 18 years old by then, were able to sing this quite difficult song. Filled with wide range of notes, dissonance, recitatives, and more, it was a joy to behold. Not perfect, of course, but brave enough to have gone there and done that. Pujilah Tuhan, a composition by Budi Susanto Yohanes, here performed for the Mixed Teenager-Youth Choirs at the National Church Choral Festival (Pesparawi Nasional) XI 2015.

Hasil Lengkap Pesta Paduan Suara Gerejawi (Pesparawi) Nasional XI 2015

Usai menanti beberapa hari, Lembaga Pengembangan Pesparawi Nasional (LPPN) secara resmi merilis hasil lengkap Pesta Paduan Suara Gerejawi (Pesparawi) Nasional XI yang diselenggarakan di Ambon pada 2-12 Oktober 2015. Dalam pengumumannya, terlampir surat-surat keputusan, nilai dan peringkat, nomor undian, serta para juri pada masing-masing kategori. Dengan telah melakukan pemeriksaan silang dengan daftar undian peserta Pesparawi Nasional XI (lihat di sini), berikut ini merupakan tabel hasil lengkap Pesparawi Nasional XI dari masing-masing kategori, sebagaimana dikutip dari surat-surat keputusan Dewan Juri Pesparawi Nasional XI 2015.
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Notes from Ambon: Pep Talk

Sometimes, the secret to winning lies in what is said, not what is done.

Many coaches have their own ways of telling their kids to seize the moment. Motivation is a delineating line between triumph and defeat. These trainers may make speeches, or utter one simple—yet utterly meaningful—sentence that the players hold firm. From the great Sir Alex Ferguson all the way to the miracle worker Herb Brooks, they utilize pre-game talk to make their messages clear: we want to win. Continue reading Notes from Ambon: Pep Talk

Notes from Ambon: Surprise

“You will be performing tomorrow, not the day after.”

If that sounds like a nightmare coming true, I don’t blame you. A choir competition is supposed to be predictable. Surprises, at least at the organization side, should be very, and I mean, very minimum. Schedules are published months prior, the list of juries is also issued at least weeks before the competition day. Some competitions even publish the list of all competing choirs just to inform all participants and members of the public alike. Continue reading Notes from Ambon: Surprise