Asia-Pacific: Defining a Region

When I was working on my undergraduate thesis, one of the key concepts that I attempted to define was “Asia-Pacific.” Indeed, this is more than just a name of a region. There are different ways to define this region, and indeed, there are different names used in reference to this very same region. On this post, I will mention some of the definitions that I manage to gather, just to give a comparison on how defining one region may be very different (a form of construction, maybe?).

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The Case Against ASEAN Greatness

While the world seems to be more integrated in the past ten years – more than ever before – regionalism seems to be another prevailing trend on the other hand. The emergence of the European Union as one successful example of a supranational-regional organization makes many regions of the world think of any possibilities of similar forms of cooperation. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) would be one of those regions.

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