The Parliament

For the first time ever I—accompanied by my girlfriend—visited the Parliament of Singapore. The modern-constructed building is the meeting place for the city-state’s unicameral parliament. Unlucky for us, though, that we couldn’t get into the building (we did visit the ParlConnect though).

International Relations

Happy birthday, Singapore!

Ninth of August, fifty years ago. A tearful Lee Kuan Yew announced a big decision for the island city. He declared that Singapore would separate from the Malayan Federation to create its own independent state. Brave enough to face autonomy in the midst of poverty and dilapidation, Singapore has transitioned to a first world economy in only a generation.

Today is Singapore’s fiftieth birthday. Its story is a testament to a willpower, of overturning thousands of unfavorable conditions into strengths that make Singapore what it is today. It is a model state, adored by many, despised by some. But one thing that no one can do, is push it to the sidelines. The small island has done it.

On this auspicious day for the lion city, let me give a few things I like about Singapore—and probably, those things that show and make Singapore great.


For Indonesia, Maintaining Zero Enemies is Harder Than You Think

International Relations has not been very kind to Indonesia lately.

This article, written by no less than my professor (and my thesis advisor) highlights one of the latest problem to Indonesia’s ‘a million friends, zero enemies‘ foreign policy. To add more insult, the problem happens to one of Indonesia’s closest friends: Singapore. In many respects, both countries have excellent relations, not to measure both countries’ status as founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a fact well-known to many.