MUN Exercise: Choosing the Right Word

In this exercise, you will match a word with a number of its synonyms that are considerably more ‘formal’, or appropriate to use in formal contexts. The goal of this exercise is to remind you of the ‘choice of words’ that you can utilize as you deliver your speech or write any conference document (e.g. position paper, draft resolution). Continue reading MUN Exercise: Choosing the Right Word

Read: Pope Francis’ Historic Speech at the Joint Session of the US Congress

It was a glorious day at the Capitol Hill. For the first time in history, the Joint Session of the Congress of the United States of America hosted a pope of the Holy See to deliver a speech to these lawmakers. Even if popes such as Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had visited the United States in the past, none had ever gotten a great opportunity such as Pope Francis.

And yes, Pope Francis did not disappoint. His words were subtle, sometimes complex, with multiple meanings and possible for differences in interpretation. But clearly, His Holiness maintained his sharp thoughts throughout the speech. From immigration to climate change, marriage to death penalty. Pope Francis also used four famous Americans as almost a case study for his speech. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King were almost giveaways, but then, the pope added Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, to the bemusement of many of us who were not quite acquainted with the two individuals.

Trying to be non-partisan, yet divisive at times, this speech is one very important assembly of words to be remembered for many years to come. I am putting the transcript of the speech below, for your personal enjoyment. Continue reading Read: Pope Francis’ Historic Speech at the Joint Session of the US Congress