The most hostile place to watch badminton is…

In the last ten years, the world of international badminton is dominated by one country—not seen thirty years ago: China. With 1.5 billion people, it is safe to say that China can easily pick one kid from every village from his or her earliest age and it will be able to supply the world with tens of thousands of badminton players for years to come.

It is strange, therefore, to watch one of the world’s most prestigious badminton championship—rather, two, actually—Thomas and Uber Cups. Apart from the fact that China was eliminated in the quarterfinal round of the Thomas Cup, the venue was relatively deserted, almost silent. Some jiayou may be heard occasionally, but nothing more.  Continue reading “The most hostile place to watch badminton is…”

2013 SEA Games, Lesson Learned

The 27th SEA Games has just been closed in Myanmar, with Thailand once again showing who are the masters of the region by becoming the grand champions with 107 gold medals. There are, of course, some lessons that can be learned from this SEA Games, especially facing the next iteration of the regional multi-event competition in Singapore in 2015, and this post will focus on those lessons.

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