Our own #mannequinchallenge

To celebrate a special milestone, we’ve made this little video (the #mannequinchallenge) just to show a little fun side of us. Featuring my fellow teammates, Kyuuryu (in order of appearance: @dannyharfandi, @afifadhillah, @allourdine, @pam_put, @hadidwindoro, @wully_18, @victor_nugraha, and @blymdr), and featuring special appearance of @andyiskandar_trainer, with me taking the camera. Super lovely!—And yes, bankers do know how to have fun.

(To know what we are celebrating, see the letters scrambled throughout the clip and find out!)

From choir to angklung (and choir)

About last week, I, along with some friends whose tenure is less than a year, had the ‘honor’ to give a small presentation in front of my company’s branch seminar. I chose angklung (a traditional Sundanese, or West Javanese musical instrument made of bamboo and played by shaking it, each having one musical note) for a number of reasons. It was relatively easy and simple—anyone can play angklung without any musical knowledge, and as far as I know, many expatriates love it. It did brought back some memories, especially to my elementary school, when I played angklung against a team of housewives and ladies from Japan. Amazing.

Along with some of my friends doing the traditional Saman (Acehnese) welcome dance, the performance was a considerable hit. We did not expect the crowd to be that responsive and accepting—since the performance was right in the middle of the dinner’s main course.  Applause boomed across the room. The Saman was exceptional, proud to be able to watch it and realizing that it turned out very well. The angklung performance was nice as well. We performed bits of four songs, representing Indonesia (the traditional Cingcangkeling and Manuk Dadali, both Sundanese), and two songs of Japanese (Kokoro no tomo and Utada Hikaru’s First Love), ending it together with the Saman team singing the Indonesian pop song Ekspresi, “Let us do some poetry, songs, music, and dances; the silver screens, the theatre stages are our places—people of the world, express ourselves!”

Ending it with cheer and applause from the crowd, as we collectively, in satisfaction, bow to honor the appreciation.

It was truly an honor and humbling at the same time. 

Untuk Ibu Kota, Saya Menyokong Petahana

Jika Anda mengira bahwa pemilihan umum kepala daerah (pilkada) DKI Jakarta empat tahun lalu begitu ‘memecah belah’, pikirkan lagi. Pilkada ibu kota awal tahun depan akan menjadi salah satu pemilihan pemimpin pemerintah yang paling memecah belah dalam sejarah republik ini. Begitu banyak alasan, bahkan ‘selentingan’ yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk mengadu satu orang dengan yang lainnya. Continue reading Untuk Ibu Kota, Saya Menyokong Petahana

Principles of debating (or, learning from the first Clinton-Trump debate)

So you have watched the first U.S. Presidential Election Debate earlier today. The debate was between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, both wearing inverted colors of their respective parties, with Clinton wearing a red blouse and Trump with a blue tie (red is identical to Republican and blue to Democratic).

I have watched three such debates, beginning with Obama-McCain debate in 2008. Heck, I even mocked-debate once, with me acting as Governor Romney (yes, in 2012). Yet this debate is unlike any other. This debate is extremely heated, almost head-popping, sometimes with very little substance, but high in tension. Even so, I have found my winner, and that is the lady in red, keeping her demeanor intact while the other took the bait and almost flipped the lectern at instances, with his sniffing nose beaming sound through the microphone.

I write this post to show to you, kind readers, some of the principles of debating that I know that you can learn, we can learn together, from what happened during this exciting debate. Here, you will see also why Clinton wins this debate by a long stretch—even when he and his supporters say the exact opposite. Continue reading Principles of debating (or, learning from the first Clinton-Trump debate)

Ayo Nge-Bank: Lahirnya Persetujuan Basel I

Pada tanggal 26 Juni 1974, sebuah bank kecil di tengah-tengah Jerman Barat mengguncang seluruh dunia perbankan. Bank bernama Herstatt Bank ini bukanlah di antara bank-bank besar di Jerman Barat—disebut-sebut ia berperingkat 35 terbesar pada tahun tersebut. Namanya tentu tidak setenar bank Jerman lainnya seperti Deutsche Bank AG. Walau demikian, bank yang seolah tidak ada artinya ini akan mengakibatkan sesuatu yang luar biasa serius. Saat hari kerja tengah berlangsung di seluruh Jerman Barat, otoritas keuangan Jerman Barat, yaitu Kantor Pengawasan Perbankan Federal mencabut paksa izin usaha jasa perbankan (banking license) Herstatt Bank, memaksanya untuk tutup serta melikuidasi aset-asetnya untuk memenuhi kewajibannya. Hal ini disebabkan karena salah satu rasio kewajiban Herstatt Bank (financial leverage) telah melampaui jauh persyaratan yang diminta oleh Herstatt Bank. Maka, pada hari itu, Herstatt Bank dinyatakan berhenti beroperasi secara penuh.  Continue reading Ayo Nge-Bank: Lahirnya Persetujuan Basel I